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Road trip to Shimla by Taxi
29 July 2016

Delhi to Shimla by road is now a very convenient whether you travel by self driven vehicle or a Taxi. The total distance is around 350 km via Ambala, Chandigarh and Kalka.The first stretch is from Delhi to Ambala which is about 200km on NH1 and now a completely 6 laned with flyovers on most intersections. The travel.... READ MORE

Itinerary of 5 days covering Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty
18 July 2016

It was end of June 2016 and the holidays were just about ending in Delhi schools and monsoon having reached South India, but not in Delhi which was drowning in the sweltering heat, sweat and dust of the pre premonsoon time so as to say. We were warned of the wet weather ahead but still the Delhi heat and mouth watering fare of Delhi Bangalore on Air Asia had us sold out on the trip... READ MORE

How Taxi1Way is trying to make one way taxi service convenient and cheap.
16 June 2016

The idea of One way taxi is relatively new in India and requires a very different mindset than Round Trip Taxi both on the part of Guest and Driver/Travel company.Right now in the travel industry, not many companies provide one way taxis as it is not cost effective for them...... READ MORE

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