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Taxi1way - Economical. Convenient. Safe.
User Information-
Taxi1Way a great way to book One way inter city taxi without paying for both sides.
Process to Book
1. REGISTER ( You can also do so through your Google or FB account)
2. Verify your account on the email sent (Not required for Google and FB login)
3. LOGIN and POST your query (web or Download our App)
4. Get quotes from multiple drivers,get notified by mail/sms/app
5. Get Driver details and confirm the query by calling them.
One way Taxi, Taxi One Way

We have no fixed rates on one way taxis. Our Registered Drivers will quote their best rates and you can choose to travel with any of them. We won't ever share your personal contact details with our Drivers till you decide to contact them.
Book a One Way Taxi

Read more about our One Way Taxi Service and how to use it to get the best quotes on your trips or See a Youtube Video on the same.

We also offer Round Trip Taxi and you don't require registration for Round Trips.

Driver Information-
Register your Taxis with us through a simple process and get free queries for one way taxi trips, utilize your free taxis.