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Guest Information-
A lot of times you need to travel just one way on a route but the Taxi person charges you both ways saying that he will be travelling back empty after dropping you. Taxi1way puts an end to that inconvenience and gives you to travel at the cheapest rate between two points in a Taxi and booking it sitting at the convenience of your desk. Its very simple, just give us your date and expected time of travel with the two travel points and our registered drivers will quote you their best rates, clicking on the quotes will give you the contact of the willing driver, without us charging any commission on it, as we just act as a conduit between you and the driver/travel company.You can come back and give your review about the driver after the trip, as this may earn you free rides/discount coupons for future rides.

We have no fixed rates on one way taxis. Our Registered Drivers will quote their best rates and you can choose to travel with any of them. We won't ever share your personal contact details with our Drivers unless you yourself decide to contact them.
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Read more about our One Way Taxi Service and how to use it to get the best quotes on your trips.

Now we also offer Round Trip Taxi and you don't require registration for Round Trips.

Driver Information-
Many times you lose a trip because the guest refuses to pay for both sides for a one way trip and it is not viable for you to charge for one way. Or you finish a trip let's say at Jaipur/Chandigarh from where the guest catches a train/flight and your taxi is coming back empty to Delhi or your home office anywhere, monetize these empty trips by registering with Taxi1way and increase your earnings. You may be a single owner or a big taxi company, Taxi1way is going to benefit you both. Registration is simple too, just fill in the details and we will get back to you asking for some documents to confirm.